Go on ANON and tell me what you think of me. I do not want to know who it is, at all. Don’t tell me who it is, don’t give me hints, don’t say your screen name. Tell me exactly what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat things. Don’t lie. If you hate me, tell me why. Tell me what I’m doing wrong. If you like me, tell me why. Tell me exactly what you think of me.

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make me choose: like-a-winter-machine asked the farm or woodbury

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                            [ I will not BOW.  

                              I will not BREAK.  

                              I will shut the world away.  

                              I will not FALL.  

                              I will not FADE. 

                              I will take your breath away ]

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Tip Of My Tongue


Georgia was not exactly the ideal place the twins would like to be now that they were officially in hiding. Well — not where Murphy wanted to be. The heat Connor could handle just fine because his mind was occupied on another individual they had met some odd time ago. That is why they were here, in some cabin practically in the middle of the woods. Eunice had passed a torch onto another detective by the name Daryl Dixon and oh did it strike an interest in the eldest Irishman. It had very little to do with the similarities that Dixon shared with Murphy and more to do with his job — the way he worked and how much he got into it.

It helped a great deal that he was on the side of the Saints as well — trust was easier to come by. At least as much trust as Connor could muster with all the things the twins had gone through. He wasn’t like Murphy, wasn’t as friendly. However that seemed to work out. It took a bit but Connor and Daryl seemed to warm up to one another. The Irishman was genuinely concerned in cases the redneck seemed to work often. Here in this cabin is where they stayed from the early morning until now. Looking over various things together. It was silent, aside from the radio, until one of them had something to share. A picture to look at or a certain article to read. Otherwise it was brushes of hands as they reached for papers or glances given every so often.

To say that Connor MacManus was infatuated with Daryl would be an understatement. Which is a rather big deal considering the Irishman doesn’t feel this way about anyone and never really has in his entire life. Murphy constantly pokes fun at him when it is just the two of them — to which Connor pokes back about the Irishman back in Ireland. Its a cycle they continue on with but not today.

Today it is just Daryl and Connor in the cabin and its not until the detective speaks that the Irishman is rattled from the article he is reading over in between sips of his third beer of the day. Eyes lift before they are rubbed at with the heels of one hand. “Oh, aye. Migh’ be a good idea. Didn’t notice t’e time gettin’ away. Tha’ always tend ta happen when ye work?”

     Something close to embarrassment crosses the detective’s features; a hand coming up to scrub at his neck awkwardly. The skin on his ears and cheeks flush with colour and he huffs as he moves a few papers around as if he needed to. That in itself was an answer, probably. “Sometimes.” Almost every time; Daryl had a habit of getting too caught up in his work once he started. Meals were worked through — as were hours when he needed to sleep or socialize. Both of these aspects of his life suffered as a result, but he was hardly one to actually complain. His friends and coworkers seemed more bothered by the severe lack of personal life — a fact that made him suspicious about Bloom’s intentions when she passed the metaphorical Saints torch to him…

     Especially now that he was alone in a room with one of them after spending the entire day together. After hours of glances, fingers brushing, and his heart slamming and trying to leap from his chest each time. Knowing her, she was more than aware of his sexual preferences but she couldn’t have expected the two of them to get along so well — could she? No. This wasn’t something that even Eunice could have foreseen. It had his heart stammering and his words occasionally stuttering. The beer was supposed to help but he hadn’t given it much attention due to being so absorbed in one of his cases in particular. Something he was mentally kicking himself with great force for, now.

     Daryl turns and makes his way to the kitchen, to his fridge where several menus have been pinned up with plain, almost boring magnets. Some pizzaria, what is obviously something oriental, Mexican, and a sub shop all have fliers that Daryl has collected, but he grabs the one with colourful listings about tacos and tosses it. “They went outta business —  but these places deliver.” A small motion is made towards the menus and he raises a brow towards Connor as he shifts to stand a bit closer, looking over them himself. 

     ”Anythin’ sound good?”


Original Characters for The Walking Dead

Meet Dalton and Emerson Ryder — a pair of twins with a lot on their shoulders. One of them caused the outbreak, and the other carries the means to end it. The problem? Neither of them fucking care.

☣ — Both muns have several years of RP experience.

☣ — Blogs are Multiverse and Multiship friendly!

☣ — Muns are both 21+ and NSFW content will be found on both blogs. Smut is only done with people who are 18↑.

☣ — Currently looking to start new plots!

☣ — Gifs, icons, short, long, and painfully long posts found on each.

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{ skin deep }

Shotgun Wedding 2014 — Joe being concerned about Terminus and more or less laying claim on being the wedding planner. 



When I got online and saw that I had 0 in my submit box I became so heavy-hearted because I thought that nobody was willing to be nice for free fucking candy but then I went and looked at Murph’s page and saw that ya’ll don’t even CARE ABOUT THE CANDY and there were so many nice things and I just can’t even thank you guys enough.

Thank you all so much. This person means a lot to me and I hate to see them so down and under the weather. I just. YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST.

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Indie Ask/RP blog for Merle Dixon of AMC's The Walking Dead.

✔ 3+ years roleplaying experience.

✔ Multi-verse, multi-ship, and crossover friendly.

✔ Open to RPs with anyone— canon, OCs, and multi-muse welcome!

✔ Roleplays with gifs, icons, short-paras, and multi-paras.

✔ Askbox is always open to general questions, messages, and plots!