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Indie RP blog for a rising crime boss named Eugene Thorn.

$ } — Mun has 7+ years of writing experience and over a year on Tumblr itself.
$ } — Mun is also of age and willing to do sexually themed plots with those who are the same. The blog’s page itself is NSFW due to a lack of Read Mores and some reblogged images which are tagged.
$ } — The muse himself is without any specific verse! This means that he can be wedged into any series/plots that your muse dabbles in. Fellow OCs are also very welcome to interact with him.
$ } — Gifs, icons, para, and novella can all be found here.
$ } — Currently aching for interactions of all kinds to help flesh out the character himself. 
$ } — Be warned! The muse is subject to dangerous anger, possessiveness, a need to spoil others, and is allergic to gluten. 

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“ we don't know if we get a tomorrow. ”

「 nearly a year of roleplay experience 」

「 selective 」

「 au’s and oc’s welcome 」

「 writes mostly icons, chats, paras and novellas 」

「 multi-ship, multi-verse, multi-fandom 」

「 mun is basically a potato with arms and legs and loves meeting new people! 」

「 open for plotting all the time, skype and aim available upon request 」


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She actually couldn’t believe that Shane prick.
Her sister and all the others at camp were stuck
in freaking Atlanta and he wasn’t willing to do
anything about it ? She wasn’t going to stand
her like a dumb girl and do nothing about it.
This was her sister, the only member of her family
still alive and she wasn’t losing her. Her gaze
wandered around the camp as she was itching
to find something, someone that could help
when it fell on the younger Dixon.


His name was Daryl last she heard and he was
not exactly the happiest camper but he knew
how to make his opinion known and Shane
would listen to him. Daryl wouldn’t let him a
choice anyway. Family seemed to be important
for those guys and she would talk to him if it
meant getting her sister back.

Decided, she walked toward him, fidgeting on
her feet as she stopped. She guessed that he
wouldn’t care for much explanation and decided
to simply expose the situation.

          Merle is stuck in Atlanta.

Being without Merle always had its complications; neither
of the Dixons seemed to play kindly with others — but it
was Merle who was more likely to get into trouble. The 
run into Atlanta had been a stupid idea entirely but Merle
had insisted on going, on using these people up before
robbing them and cutting them loose. This left Daryl in
the dark, something he had grown used to growing up
under the other man’s wing… but something was 
different this time around. His brother wasn’t on some
bender or sitting in jail because he’d been caught

This was life or death shit, and Merle shouldn’t be
without him.

The whole thing has the younger stressed out, and the
best thing for that was a hunt — something he was 
preparing for when the younger of the blondie-brigade 
made her way over and spoke the only five words that
could have actually sparked a conversation.

They are heavy, troublesome words.

    “Just Merle?” No. She wouldn’t have come to him
if it was just his brother. “… or th’whole lot of ‘em?”


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You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful(っ◕‿◕)っ

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I’ve never worked on something where - this kind of feeling of family - that we’re all in it together, that we have each others back to the level that we’ve achieved on The Walking Dead.

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aequitaaas inquired:

"You look super hot from down here."

   ”Quit that. As soon as I getcha out, m’gonna bust yer nose, y’keep all that blabberin’ up.”

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Independent original character named Noa Dixon, Daryl's younger twin who is sweet and somewhat emotional. Identified by a winged vest or the black bandanna he wears around his neck.

➳ 3+ years of roleplaying experience.

➳ Noa is a darling little thing that just need some tender love and care. The mun does too. They are nervous but just a ray of sunshine and so very lovely. Mun is new to twd fandom so be kind!

➳ The mun and muse are of age. Blog may be NSFW and triggering at times. Things will be tagged accordingly. No smut interactions for those under the age of 18 as it is very illegal.

➳ Icon, gifchats, para, and novella are always welcome.

➳ Ships are welcome but do not force it. Mun ships Noa/chemistry.

➳ Reachable on my aim, please just ask for it.

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